I’ve been using SleepTracks sleep System for a few weeks now and have a lot to report. I wanted a method of attacking my sleepless nights without using any medications or aids – including melatonin, which has provided me with relief for years, and which I still use when I’m flying long distances – it’s great for jet lag! But on to our new system:-

System Overview

The first thing I did when I subscribed was to take a look at the total contents; here’s what you get:-

  • A thirty page Fast Start Guide
  • A set of 9 audio downloads, each designed to cater to specific insomnia problems (or CD’s if you ordered them)
  • Instructions on how to save the audio files to your PC, iPhone or iPad and how to burn CDs if you need to.
  • The complete Optimal Sleep Course. This is a set of audio-visual five keys, each almost 30 minutes long and containing around 30 narrated slides each. This is the heart of the course.
  • Online support details and extended services (extended services cost extra for personal coaching sessions).

The Thirty Page Fast Start Guide

I was a bit put-off when I saw the length of this – after all, if I want my car fixed I don’t want to read a thirty page manual – and if I want to sleep I also don’t want to read a manual – although that might well solve my sleep problem! BUT – I didn’t want any more pills and I did want a natural solution, so I flipped open at page 1 – and was pleasantly surprised.

“Contrary to most popular beliefs, insomnia is not a disease. It’s just a symptom of other underlying problems that need to be solved. Once those real causes are removed, insomnia disappears.” – SleepTracks Guide

The Guide gets started straightaway by telling you what to do and how to proceed. One of the first things that hit me was that this is a training program for your brain. In essence, it uses the sounds provided to train your brain to sleep naturally. Some of the training is as simple as putting on one of the tracks in the background during the day.
Another striking point is that the program claims that within a few weeks you won’t need it any longer – your brain will carry on in the way you have trained it and your insomnia will be a thing of the past. Here’s the Getting Started Menu:-
SleepTracks Menu
And here’s a brief outline of each part:-

Part 1

Insomnia Buster

Part 1 is concerned mainly with the insomnia Buster. This is a track for use before bed, and contains music combined with sound pulses and voice-over. it increases the brain activity associated with sleep and can be used anytime during the day. It will not send you to sleep – it is a training track designed to enhance your brain’s capacity to sleep when it should.

Fall Asleep Session

The Fall Asleep Session is designed to help those who can’t sleep because of anxiety and stress.

Whole Night Session

This session is for playing on a loop all night and is designed to help those who wake up frequently during the night, suffer from sleep apnea and/or wake up too early most days.

Part 2 – 10 Steps to Optimal Sleep and Peak Energy

This section provides an introduction to each of the 5 Sleep keys (audio/visual presentations), and guides you in developing the habits and practices that will lead to good sleep quality. These are an invaluable resource and cover everything from body temperature (and what to do about it), the layout of your bedroom and the way just thinking can damage your sleep to the harmful effects of sleeping pills. It’s well researched, practical and very useful.

Part 3 – FAQs

This is a simple set of the most frequent questions from users – simple, easy and useful. If you have a burning question after reading the rest of the introduction – the answer is probably here. Otherwise you can simply ask for help through the help email address. My questions were answered within a day.

The Audio Downloads

They’re easy to load,copy and use. The main question for you is whether you prefer the sounds with or without the voice-over, where applicable. My choice was without voice – I simply found it too distracting. A lot of thought and research has gone into these tracks – years I should think, and each one does produce an effect – without a doubt in my case. The tracks are as follows:

  • Insomnia Buster
  • Insomnia Buster – no voice
  • Fall Asleep
  • Fall Asleep – no voice
  • Whole Night
  • Whole Night 2
  • Power Nap
  • Anxiety Ease
  • Wake Up!

We’ll move on now to the heart of the whole SleepTracks Course – The OPTIMAL SLEEP COURSE.

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