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Melatrol – A Tried and Trusted Melatonin Sleep Aid


Melatrol takes its name from Melatonin, which is a natural substance that is manufactured by the Pineal Gland in your brain. It is the substance that makes you feel sleepy and which facilitates smooth, natural, peaceful sleep. Melatonin is a key ingredient of Melatrol, but this trusted and proven sleep supplement has other complimentary ingredients that we will examine in this article. First though, we will answer a few basic questions.

Is Melatrol Safe for Children?


Again, the answer is YES – but with professional care and guidance! We have a whole article on Melatonin For Children HERE. of course, you should consult with your medical professional when giving your children anything, but to help you, here is a word from qualified medical professional:

“Judith Owens, director of sleep medicine at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, has studied melatonin and children. She said that the supplement appears to have a good safety record, not only with special needs children but with healthy children as well, when used for short periods with a pediatrician’s oversight.”

Quoted from the Wall Street Journal

Melatrol Ingredients

Each of the ingredients of Melatrol is described below with references you can click on to check the sources of my information:

5-HTP and Serotonin

5-HTP is what scientists call a “precursor” to serotonin, which means that in the body it ‘comes before’ serotonin – we make 5-HTP so that we can make serotonin, which is essential to many processes in the body, including the manufacture of melatonin. So this ingredient of Melatrol helps your body to make melatonin which in turn helps you to sleep.

This is particularly important for the elderly, because as we age, our natural production of melatonin reduces and so our bodies need a little helping hand.

The 5-HTP in Melatrol is extracted from the seeds of the Griffonia tree. 5-HTP is generally not noticed, but in some cases it can cause mild nausea which almost always disappears very quickly. However, if this persists, you should ask your doctor.


Melatonin is produces by your body – but not continuously. production of this hormone is actually stimulated by Darkness triggers production of the hormone, which is why we find it so hard to sleep in bright light. There are many articles on this site about melatonin and you can see many of them in the sidebar.

Melatonin Produced by Food Plants

Melatonin is produced in many places in nature apart from the human pineal gland (in the brain). For instance, it can also be made by bone marrow cells, the retina in the eye, and the gut. It is also produced in some plants such as rice, which partly explains why you can feel so sleepy after food – the melatonin you have ingested makes its way to your brain and makes you feel drowsy.

An Anti-Aging Anti-Oxidant

In addition to helping you sleep, melatonin is an antioxidant. It helps protect DNA, protects the brain, and may play a role in increasing longevity. It does this by preventing damage to body cells, which it achieves by neutralizing free radicals.

Melatonin has been tested with some success for the alleviation of radiation damage, Alzheimer’s disease, inflammatory disease and many other ailments. It may well turn out to be one of nature’s ‘wonder treatments’ and research is still continuing.


Melatonin is safe for the human body even when taken over a period of time. However, like all supplements, caution is advised against taking more than directed. High doses can cause complications.

Valerian Root

Valerian herb for sleep supplements

Valerian is a perennial flowering plant that has been used for more than two thousand years across the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome as a relaxant and sleep supplement. Only the lower part of the plant is used – the roots and stem.

The flowers of the Valerian plant smell sweet and can perfume your whole garden area. The dried root has a pungent, smell somewhat like dirty socks! The root is often suggested by herbalists to treat anxiety, nervousness and lack of sleep.

Gamma Amino Butyric Acid – GABA

This melatrol ingredient is an amino acid that functions as a neurotransmitter to prevent neurons from over-reacting to stimuli. The main effect is the reduction of stress and anxiety.

Rhodiola Rosea Extract


Rhodiola Rosea, which is commonly known as “golden root” or “roseroot”, grows in mountainous zones from Iceland through to Siberia. It was named for the sweet smell of its freshly cut root and not for its blossom.

Roseroot is known to be a powerful adaptogen, which is a natural herbal product that stimulates the body’s natural resistance to stress and anxiety. This is very important, as stress and worry are major factors in some people who experience severe insomnia.

Passion Flower

Passion Flower

The Passion Flower is actually a vine which can climb to 30 feet. In season, it is wreathed in flowers of purple and white. Passion flower is another plant used by herbalists and healers for centuries to treat insomnia and even hysteria. It is also recommended for tension and nervousness.

Conclusions on Melatrol Claims as a Melatonin Sleep Aid

Melatrol is made from melatonin and other natural ingredients that combine to provide a natural and safe melatonin sleep aid that can help children adults and even pets.

Many of the ingredients in Melatrol have been used for centuries by natural healers and herbalists and their value as relaxants and stress relievers have been proven by modern science. Melatrol is a superb choice of natural melatonin sleep aid.

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