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Sleep Medication: Can Melatonin Help?

Melatrol is a safe sleep  medication containing melatonin

If you’re not receiving a sufficient amount of sleep nightly, you may need sleep medication and could be headed for some serious health problems. There are over eighty-five identified sleep disorders, so if you are having trouble getting a good night’s sleep, you could be suffering from one of them.

On this site, I will be showing you a variety of excellent natural sleep remedies such as Melatrol which contain the natural substance Melatonin. Melatonin is a key theme of this site, because, as you will see, it is a natural substance made in the human body and as such it is consiered to be safe for adults, humans and pets. We will be considering the optimum melatonin dosage, melatonin for kids as well as a variety of melatonin side effects including (amazingly!) melatonin as an anti aging supplement.

Why Can’t I Sleep?

Doctor’s often recommend lifestyle changes before deciding to offer medicinal help. The number one non-medical cause of sleeplessness is stress. If you live a normally stressful life and there is no way around it, then you must counteract it with something as simple as exercise or meditation. Other ideas to get a good night’s sleep include things as simple as cutting back on caffeine after 4:00 pm, changing the time of day you exercise, and/or turning off the electronics before bedtime.

Many people work on their computers or play games right up until it is time for bed. Their bodies are ready to go to sleep, but their brain is still on overdrive. If you try changing some or all of these scenarios in your life and you are still not sleeping, your body may letting you know that other health problems are to blame and you need to get help to finally relax and get some much needed dream time.

Pinpointing Your Sleep Disorder

If your medical professional is unsure of the exact cause of your sleeplessness, he or she may recommend a visit to a sleep clinic if he/she cannot recommend a sleep medication. In that case, you would be hooked up to some wires that will allow the medical personnel observe your sleep patterns. Many health issues can be discovered in this type of setting. Narrowing down a physical problem will make a treatment plan easier to follow and possibly lead to a cure.

If the results rendered lead to the use of medications or supplements to help your good sleep habits return, the doctor may have a plethora of options from which you can choose. You may be faced with a lot of information at one time which may or may not include, side-effects, cost, and other health-related issues that can crop up due to the medications or supplements. Be prepared to spend some time studying to find the perfect fit for you.

Natural Sleep Aids and Sleep Medication

One of the most used natural supplements or sleep medication for insomnia is Melatonin. A Melatonin Sleep Aid consists of a natural hormone mixed with some synthetic ingredients which will help control your sleep-wake cycle. This type of treatment should not be used for extended periods. It should aid you in re-establishing a good sleep pattern and has been known to offer a better quality night’s sleep as well. One product that contains Melatonin is Melatrol. It allows you to fall asleep peacefully without that groggy feeling when you wake in the morning.

Over the Counter Sleeping Pills

If you are still having trouble sleeping at night, another option is to head down to the local drug store and find a stronger remedy. Over the counter sleeping pills may possibly help you sleep without a prescription. Sleep aids that you buy over the counter, like supplements, are not a cure for the underlying problem. They are a temporary fix to allow you to gain some decent sleep. They do work, but relying on them every night won’t be good for you.

For one thing, since most of them contain antihistamines, your body may build up an intolerance for them. If that happens, the effectiveness will wear off and you will be no better than you were before. Even though you can easily obtain over the counter sleep medicines, you should talk with your doctor.

If you have other medications that you take regularly, you should be advised if certain sleep aids may cause a conflicting interaction. If you have glaucoma, asthma, liver or urinary diseases, you must be very careful of your choices. Sleep Meds that contain diphenhydramine or doxylamine may have side effects such as a dry mouth, dizziness and memory loss.

There is also that “hangover effect”, where you walk around in a haze for most of the following day because the effects haven’t worn off. Is that any better than how you feel after too little sleep? Weigh the evidence before jumping into bed with one of those meds. Valerian is another over the counter supplement that helps with sleep, but may cause abdominal pain, dizziness, excitability and even heart issues. Decide for yourself if the treatment is worth the side-effects you will endure.

Prescription Sleep Medication

Should you and your doctor decide that nothing else is working, you may have to try some prescription medications i.e. prescription sleep medication in conjunction with some behavioral therapies. Sleeping pills are much safer than they were a couple of decades ago, however, you still need to be cleared of specified medical conditions such as liver or kidney problems.

Utilizing the sleeping pills to help you sleep while you are trying to get to the real root of the problem is the best tactical maneuver. Whether you use supplements, over the counter treatments or prescription medications, it’s best to solve the actual problem.

The Bottom Line

Sleeplessness and related sleep disorders are a common problem, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. More serious health problems could arise if you don’t get your sleep back to normal. Once you and your doctor solve this puzzle of what is really keeping you awake, you will be sleeping more peacefully and completely every night.

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