How To Get Rid of Puffy Eyes – Dermawand Or Facelift Gym?

DermawandBack on the subject of Skin Care. Yes, I know I haven’t finished the Facelift Gym Review yet, bit I came across a hugely popular product called Dermawand®. Now I have seen many products in the market over the years, but this one seemed different and here’s why:
Dermawand (click here to go to their site) uses radio frequency energy to burn of fold skin around and inside wrinkles. Sounds odd, doesn’t it? I thought so, so I borrowed one from a friend who wasn’t using hers – I’ll tell you why just now.

Dermawand® – First Impressions

The first thing I saw was the inscription on the box, which claims that it provides a non-surgical facelift. This intrigued me, because a facelift tends to stretch the whole skin surface of the face and I couldn’t see how this ‘wand’ would do that or achieve the same effects. So I opened the box! Inside I found the actual Dermawand, a DVD instructional video, Instructional Booklet and Carry Bag. I don’t watch video instructions – but I made an exception this time. They are quite clear.  usually though, if i need instructions then I don’t want the device. But I did read over the basic instructions and determined I had to use the lowest power setting, which I duly did. Sure enough I did not like the strong tingling sensation I got, but I wanted to know the range of the device so I turned it up and applied it to my deepest wrinkle. Ouch!

The device definitely singed my skin and I could smell the old cells being burned off. I turned it down again!  Clearly, one must be careful with this device. Anyway, by way of experiment, I tried it on low power and ran it over my selected wrinkle at low power, applying the skin moisturizer first.

I then repeated every day for a week. Sure enough I did see some improvement in the wrinkle and the flesh there seemed a touch rosier. I checked the ‘destructions ‘ as I call them,  and it claimed that the device provides ‘enriched ‘oxygen’ – which is baloney in my opinion, although the stimulation probably provides ‘more’ oxygen to the skin because of increased blood -flow. Anyway, I’m goin g to use it for the next week on lowest power and see how it goes.

I’m quite pelased with the FAcelift Gym I tested, as it has made a huge difference in helping me to get rid of puffy eyes , but I won’t be using it for a while as I want to test Dermawand on wrinkles and I don’t want to get the effects mixed up!

Here’s a technology and results comparison of Facelift Gym and Dermawand for you in the meantime.
See Ya Soon!

Health products and the FDA

We all need to know what we’re eating, taking and a\exposed to. That’s why the FDA is so important to all of us in the United States. Big government gets bad press, bu there are some things worth paying for with our taxes and the FDA is one of them.

Whether  we’re thinking about losing weight and buying appetite suppressors, fat burners or anything else we put into our bodies, the FDA is there to help us – and although we can’t say it’s free, because we pay for it with our taxes, it’s nevertheless a service to the whole American community and it’s respected across the whole world. So Go FDA! Go!

Here on insomniactive I’m going to provide you with all the latest news from the FDA as well as data on new medical an diet products. This week, we’ll turn our attention to the Yacon Root and Yacon Diet and see what thy can do to help you to lose weight.

But first, here’s some news from the FDA:

FDA Health Warnings

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So you will find here references to the very best product review sites as well as reviews of my own. I will only recommend products and sites in which i have the utmost confidence and I will never have any relationship with any of them – that’s my promise to you.

My First Product: Facelift Gym

My years in the medical industry taught me well what a scam is, and I am horrified by the practices not only of industry but of the medical profession in particular.  Even young women are now getting face-lifts, nose jobs, boob jobs and God alone knows what else.  Which is all very sad. But having said that we do need a little helping hand from time to time, and at my age (I’m 55) I was really in need of a bit of help with my crows feet and bags under my eyes. And I was NOT going to a man with a knife and a surgical mask to be gassed and cut up!

I tried many things including creams and potions but then I found Facelift Gym, which is made in Britain. It’s a complete non-surgical system for exercising the face together with some other mild treatment that really works – and it’s not expensive. But here’s a link to a Facelift Gym Review Site where you can learn a lot more – I gotta dash but I’ll be back soon!