Side Effects Of Melatonin – Are They Serious?

Light and Dark Affect Melatonin Production Levels

The darker it gets at night, the more your SCN will react and tell your pineal gland to start producing melatonin to help you achieve a sleep state.

As it gets darker over time, your SCN will tell your pineal gland to produce more and more melatonin until your body finally goes to sleep. For those with sleep disorders, this can be a problem since their brains are so active they can’t fall asleep even with the higher amounts of melatonin in their system.

Using melatonin supplements as a natural sleep aid can help counteract this, since your body is only capable of producing a certain amount of melatonin on its own and this declines with age.

The added melatonin from the supplement is a natural way for your body to finally achieve sleep without resorting to synthetic chemicals or addictive sleep aid drugs.


Melatonin is becoming more and more popular as time marches on, making it a great choice in safely achieving the sleep you need. It’s quickly becoming a useful medicine in other areas of medical health as well, such as using melatonin for anxiety problems or to help calm children down when they’re suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Side effects are rare and many doctors advise that melatonin is safe for both adults and children, but if you have any pre-existing condition, you should check with a qualified medical person.

Be particularly careful where children are concerned, and consult your doctor or family physician to make sure that it’s okay for them. Always follow the recommended dosage, and consult a doctor if you start to experience any discomfort or side effects.

When dealing with any type of medication that involves sleepiness or drowsiness, always remember that operating heavy machinery or vehicles can be dangerous and should never be performed. For a bit more information on Melatonin and children, click here. For a bit more information on the side effects of melatonin, you can click here.

Where can I buy Melatonin?

Your best bet is to find a high quality, US manufactured melatonin product. You also need to get the best deal. For a long while now, my choice has been melatrol and it’s available online.

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Side Effects of Melatonin
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Side Effects of Melatonin
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