Melatonin for Kids – Is It Safe?

A Lack Of Sleep Is Dangerous

A lack of sleep can be dangerous for a child, more so than an adult, since they’re still growing and developing. Putting too much strain on their bodies can cause growth stunting if they aren’t getting enough sleep to compensate.

Poor Sleep Leads to Sluggish Thinking

It’s well known that a child thinks better when they’ve had a full night’s rest and a good breakfast. Without these two essential items, your child’s thinking can be sluggish and it can be harder for them to comprehend what’s going on at school.

This can be harder for toddlers especially, since this is the stage when their coordination is developed the most. Using melatonin for toddlers to help them sleep better at night is a great way to ensure they’re achieving a full night’s sleep without any problems.

For Baby Sleep There are Other Options

There are a range of products and services helping you to get your baby to sleep. We have started investigating this and if Melatonin isn’t for you because you prefer a coaching and training approach (which may often be a superior solution in the long run), then have a look at our article on how to get baby to sleep.


When it comes to any combination of melatonin and children, it’s best to follow the instructions on the package or the instructions given by your doctor. Always use the correct melatonin dosage for children when administering it to them. Many adults try to use too much when first starting out, wanting to achieve a restful night’s sleep without first trying to see if the normal dosage will work.

This can be harmful on children more than it can be on adults, since their bodies are smaller and handle chemicals differently than adults would. Always be safe with your child’s health, and consult a doctor if melatonin doesn’t help them sleep or if you have any concerns about using it.

Where To Buy Melatonin?

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Melatonin for Kids- Is this sleep supplement safe and natural?
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Melatonin for Kids- Is this sleep supplement safe and natural?
We must be extremely careful when selecting sleep supplements for children. So is melatonin safe for kids? Yes, but we must still be very careful.