Melatonin for Kids – Is It Safe?

This is THE most important question for parents. So my first caveat here is that before giving your children anything at all, you should consult a medical professional. I will provide some facts here for you though, beginning with a quotation from a qualified medical person:

“Judith Owens, director of sleep medicine at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, has studied melatonin and children. She said that the supplement appears to have a good safety record, not only with special needs children but with healthy children as well, when used for short periods with a pediatrician’s oversight.”

Quoted from the Wall Street Journal

Although Melatonin is completely natural, medical practitioners remain a little wary and generally do not advise using melatonin for children for extended periods. As far as I know, there have been no reports of any ill effects. Much of the caution arises I think, because of over-use by very tired and desperate parents.

How Can Melatonin Help Your Child Sleep Better?


Lack of sleep is something that affects more than just adults in life. Many children around the country suffer from a lack of sleep for a variety of reasons. It is important to realise that although a good melatonin product like melatrol can help, you should also address the underlying cause of your child’s sleep difficulties and not use any sleep aid for extended periods of time.

Usually, a child’s lack of sleep is due to school being too hectic, after-school activities or homework being too stressful, or a variety of other activities keeping them from getting the amount of sleep they need. In a world where children have access to sleep damaging technology like iPads 24/7, parents are finding it harder and harder to get their kids to sleep each night. That’s where a safe, natural supplement like a melatonin based sleep product can help.

Almost All Of Us Need 8 Hours Of Sleep

Everybody needs at least eight hours of sleep each night, and kids are no exception. Without a regular sleeping schedule, their brains can’t function as well as they should while they’re at school. In most cases this can lead to them failing or having bad grades.

In a lot of cases it can also lead to them injuring themselves when trying to perform normally during sports activities. No matter what your child does during or after school, they need to be getting the right amount of sleep for their bodies to rejuvenate and their brains to process the information they intake each day.

Safe Natural Supplements

Unfortunately for many children, finding creative ways to get them to sleep can be difficult. There are a variety of solutions that parents can utilize, both medical and natural, that can help get their kids a full night’s rest each night. One of these solutions is through the use of melatonin, which comes in both natural supplement form and prescribed form.

Your Body’s Sleep Cycle

Your body, and your childs’, has a natural schedule that follows the day and night cycle around you. When it gets dark, your body naturally begins to produce melatonin so that your body starts to feel sleepy.

Once enough melatonin builds up in your body, you will naturally fall asleep. Unfortunately for many adults and children, naturally falling asleep can often be difficult if their day has been busy or they have a heavy work load placed on them that taxes their thought processes.

Natural Sleep

To help your body achieve a natural sleep state when it’s unable to on its own, using natural melatonin supplements can help out tremendously. The added melatonin is safe for your body, making it a great choice for children who need a kick start for bed time after a long day at school.

It’s also a lot safer for adults, since prescribed sleep medication can become addictive and lead to problems later on with their liver. Natural melatonin supplements will help your body achieve a natural sleep pattern when it’s impossible to do so on its own.

How Can My Child Benefit From Melatonin?

When your child has a lot of homework, a hard day at school, or strenuous activity during sports or extra-curricular activities, their body can start to wear down from the exhaustion.

Their brain, however, is put on fast forward essentially to help compensate for all the thinking they need to do. This can cause a lot of problems in their body chemically. Not only can it throw off their regular sleep patterns by keeping them awake longer than they should be, it can also cause an imbalance in their immune system as well.

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A Lack Of Sleep Is Dangerous

A lack of sleep can be dangerous for a child, more so than an adult, since they’re still growing and developing. Putting too much strain on their bodies can cause growth stunting if they aren’t getting enough sleep to compensate.

Poor Sleep Leads to Sluggish Thinking

It’s well known that a child thinks better when they’ve had a full night’s rest and a good breakfast. Without these two essential items, your child’s thinking can be sluggish and it can be harder for them to comprehend what’s going on at school.

This can be harder for toddlers especially, since this is the stage when their coordination is developed the most. Using melatonin for toddlers to help them sleep better at night is a great way to ensure they’re achieving a full night’s sleep without any problems.

For Baby Sleep There are Other Options

There are a range of products and services helping you to get your baby to sleep. We have started investigating this and if Melatonin isn’t for you because you prefer a coaching and training approach (which may often be a superior solution in the long run), then have a look at our article on how to get baby to sleep.


When it comes to any combination of melatonin and children, it’s best to follow the instructions on the package or the instructions given by your doctor. Always use the correct melatonin dosage for children when administering it to them. Many adults try to use too much when first starting out, wanting to achieve a restful night’s sleep without first trying to see if the normal dosage will work.

This can be harmful on children more than it can be on adults, since their bodies are smaller and handle chemicals differently than adults would. Always be safe with your child’s health, and consult a doctor if melatonin doesn’t help them sleep or if you have any concerns about using it.

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