Melatonin For Jet Lag and With Alcohol – What you need to know

Have you been finding it difficult to sleep lately? Perhaps you recently took a flight into another time zone. If you did, you may have found this page by searching on Google for ‘Melatonin Jet Lag’ and you’ve come to the right place to learn about malatonin based products for dealing with jet lag.


Flying may have thrown off your sleep pattern without you even realizing it. This is almost certainly caused by what we call jet lag. This condition can cause confusion – I once woke up in a hotel not remembering which country I was in during a ’round the world’ trip! When this happens, you know you are ‘out of synch’!

The Impact of Time-Zone Hopping

In day to day life, your body becomes accustomed to doing certain things at a certain time of day – eating, sleeping and exercising, and when you are in another time zone suddenly, your body still runs on the old clock, sends you to sleep in the morning, and makes you wide awake and hungry at 3am.

When you visit or relocate to a different time zone, your body’s natural rhythm may still identify with the time zone you are most familiar with, the one it has lived in for weeks, months or years.

If day time and night time in the two time zones drastically differs meaning they have a significant gap, your body really doesn’t know ‘what time’ it is for quite a while and gets hungry, thirsty and sleepy at the wrong times.

That’s why after a long air trip, it’s not uncommon to wake in the middle of the night feeling awake and refreshed – far too soon. People who are always on the go, flying throughout different time zones may have frequently suffer severe cases of jet lag. Some people try to treat their symptoms by ingesting alcohol. Others rely on remedies such as melatonin based products like Melatrol to improve their sleep patterns.

Alcohol Effects On Sleep

Alcohol is often sought to relieve jet lag symptoms, but the problem is that alcohol can act as a depressant in some people which means it induces restless, unnatural sleep and often anxiety in them.

In contrast, it is a stimulant for others which means it gets their adrenaline flowing and this is not an ideal situation for someone who needs sleep. There is also the risk of becoming addicted to alcohol if you habitually drink in your busy schedule.

Deep Sleep problems with Alcohol

You may experience an apparently deeper sleep when you use alcohol, but i have always found that a deep, alcohol induced sleep leaves me feeling exhausted. This can make it harder for you to adjust to the time zone you are in by further disturbing and confusing your body’s mechanisms.

People who attempt to use alcohol to relieve jet lag need to be aware that alcohol can affect their body’s ability to naturally produce melatonin, which can get you into a vicious cycle of sleeplessness.

Melatonin Effects When Combined with Alcohol

First of all, it is important to note that the combined use of alcohol and melatonin is discouraged. The two used in combination can cause a slew of problems. Sure you want sleep, but you do not want to be so sleepy that you cannot function, and this has happened to people who have combined this hormone with their favorite tipple .

Some people have also reported that they felt as though they had a hangover after combining the two substances even in very moderate quantities.

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Helping sleep without Alcohol

Melatonin has been successfully used to treat people who are on an alcohol cessation programs and having problems with getting to sleep as a consequence. Their sleep issues may be related to anxiety, and taking melatonin for anxiety has been proven to be effective.

If these people relapse, they need to be sure to inform their healthcare professionals because of the bad side effects of combining melatonin and alcohol. Melatonin does have other side effects and benefits (not all side effects are bad) and you can read about them elsewhere on this site using the links I have embedded on each page.

Other Things to Help Jet Lag

If you know that you like to consume alcohol when travelling, maybe you need other options to could help improve your jet lag episodes. First of all, about a week before travelling, try moving as much as four hours closer to your target time zone, by going to sleep a little earlier or later each night. Any more than four hours becomes impractical.

Next, on board the plane, try to use the on-board meals to synchronize with your target meal times – ask the air crew at what time in your target time zone each meal is served. This will help you to start thinking in terms of your destination time and your brain will begin to adapt – and when your brain adapts, your body adapts.

Combining these methods of pre-adjustment and forced sleep, can significantly control your jet lag symptoms. For clarity and for example, if you move from Georgia to California and you normally eat dinner in Georgia around 8 PM, you could choose to have dinner at 5 PM and sleep at 8pm (a good workout in the day can also help with the early sleep) in California since California is three hours behind Georgia in time.

Your body’s normal time cycle is key in these circumstances and that is what you are manipulating.

Other medications and Complications

Melatonin consumption is not ideal if you take certain medications . This means that even if you choose an over-the-counter, melatonin based sleep aid, you still need to speak with your doctor. You also need to check it’s okay to use melatonin if you are breastfeeding or pregnant. In such cases, ask your doctor. he/she may be able to help you develop another plan of action to take care of your Jet lag issues.

Non Smoking Flighs and Melatonin

Nowadays, you can’t smoke on a flight anywhere, which can be terrible for a regular smoker on a long flight. Melatonin has been shown to significantly alleviate the symptoms if nicotine withdrawal, reducing the anxiety, craving and irritability associated with that condition. This is one of the unexpected, positive side-effects.

A Great Option for Getting Melatonin

In addition to dealing with jet lag, the general melatonin health benefits provide other reasons for the widespread use of this hormone. If you doctor determines that you are a good fit for melatonin, you can consider a product called Melatrol.

There are a large number of online reviews from people who have found that this product helped to improve various sleep problems and other health issues. You should be particularly interested in its effectiveness when it comes to jet lag – it takes care of sleeplessness, anxiety, and the irritability that stems from both. It comes in pill form, and it can easily be purchased online.

Where can I buy Melatonin?

You can’t! melatonin is the base substance used in a wide variety of sleep meds, so before you can buy it you need to select a product that uses it. I recommend that whatever you use, it’s a high quality product made in the US under controlled standards. Melatrol is a great example of this.